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Benefits Of Working With Tom Johnston, The Franchise SEO Expert

Benefits Of Working With Tom Johnston, The Franchise SEO Expert
The benefits or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not limited to any kind of regular business or franchise. The goal should not only be reaching the top of the search listings but also establishing ways of leveraging the free traffic generated by the same. That is how your company will start making profitable strides in leaps and bounds. The only issue with this is few people have the knowledge and resources needed to do this on their own. They will get backlinks from various sites and have properly optimized websites yet seeing little to no significant results.

The most efficient optimization approach is to establish a solid plan of action that will ensure the implementation of proper SEO, and this is where the services of a professional become a necessity. Tom Johnston is a Search Engine Marketing and Optimization expert with years of experience in SEO under his belt. Johnston specializes in working with business franchises offering them an array of search engine optimization services. Below are the various services and why he is the best deal when it comes to getting your business’ website to the top of the search listings.

What Will You Find On His Website?

When you visit his official website, you will find an overview of the services he offers. Also, he has posted a short video that gives a detailed information of each of the services as he explains the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Johnston has a section devoted to franchise SEO, which is his forte; helping business franchises take their sites to the highest position in search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Happy clients have also posted their testimonials on the site giving their experiences and views working with Johnston and how he helped them achieve higher search engine listings and generate significant online traffic from the listings.

What Is Covered In The First Video?

The introductory video touches on the types of services he offers. Johnston begins by clarifying on the importance of keywords and keyword research and how to pick the best keywords. He reiterates that the phrase used as keywords should be what people are interested in in the products or services you are selling. Also, Johnston points out three steps of SEO that are what he targets when doing optimization and are his secrets of success.

Step #1: On-Page Optimization

It is important to have a well-optimized website before you start to implement search engine optimization strategies. It is an important step that requires different things to be in place. For instance, the content quality should be spot-on before posting, and that goes for the literature, images, and videos. Content plays a notable role in determining how high a website will go in search engine rankings. And you also should interlink all similar pages on your site because it will make it easy for visitors to navigate through the pages and for search engine spiders to located and index the information posted. Johnston then moves to the next step of his 3- part franchise search engine optimization strategy.

Step #2: Off-Page Optimization

Johnston gives an analogy of a homeless person, and the United States’ president and billionaire Warren Buffett. He compared the homeless person to an individual who has limited information about how to invest your money. The president would be someone with some information though not so much focused on finances. The billionaire would be the financial expert who has a vast knowledge and his expertise would what you should consider if you seek to get the best financial advice and assistance.

By equating the analogy to link building, it will easy to understand why some links are a better investment than others and these are mostly those from sites that are within the same niche as your website. As such, a visitor on a different authority website will be inclined to click a link that directs then to your site and will most likely no leave your website. It is a move the lowers your bounce rate, and thus the link makes sense being there more so from a search engine algorithms’ perspective. Well, the goal is to obtain as many relevant links are possible for websites within your niche.

Step #3: Human Interaction

In this step, Tom talks about human interaction in reference to links directed to social media networks. For instance, people tend to share links when socializing with family and friends within their social circles. Google and other search engines take note of this activity and view this as an indication that the content in the source of the link is worth indexing. So, the higher the number of links on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook among others, the higher the probability of attaining a higher position in search engine result pages simply because people are sharing links on their social media accounts.

That element of human interaction is what Johnston says is a vital ingredient that determines if your franchise’s website will manage to grab the #1 spot in search engine listings. In addition, the number of links generated through the human interactions on the social media sites will be an important factor worth appreciating. It may be something close to doing the standard link building. Having something being the center of any discussion is the fuel needed to make it standard and relevant information that should be giving a top ranking in search engine listings.

What Services Does Tom Johnston Offer?

After the introduction, Tom shifts focus to the services he offers giving a bigger attention to franchise SEO. He has a video in which he uses the example of a security company he is work for; he is building pages that will ultimately improve the company’s overall rankings. Tom Johnston could have any number of franchise enterprises on his roster, and they are scattered across the country.

As such, his on-site optimization strategy is one that focuses on building pages for local keywords related to a company’s city of residence as well as any other city serviced by the said company. Tom goes a step further and says that he has to establish individual pages for the city, its ZIP code, and the country. In so doing, it becomes easier for franchises to attain multiple top positions on search engine listings through the numerous pages targeting the different cities they the businesses service.

How To Outrank Your Competitors

Only an experienced search engine optimization specialist will help you stay a few steps ahead of your competitors, outranking them on both On-page and Off-page optimization efforts. You may have many competitors in your town, but you can manage to obtain more backlinks than them that are of a higher quality and are originating from authority sites within the same niche as your business. However, the links should not come in like a flood but gradually as you also put in substantial efforts to generate and post new content that is relevant. The content should be added in the form of new posts as well as new pages on the website.

As you generate content for your website, do the same on social media sites. The posts should showcase your efforts in terms of human interaction as this will help give your website a better ranking. Improving on the content while also using the same strategy to generate multiple backlinks from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and the rest will result in two essential things.

1. The first is motivating people to take an interest in your website and thus spending more time going through the content they find. It in turn significantly lowers the bounce rate, and this improves your website’s ranking in search engine result pages.

2. The second is more people will take an interest in your business’ social media activity and thus will share links with other individuals within their social circles. The outcome of this is your site, and its pages will register a positive momentum for nearly every post on the website. Ultimately, the growing buzz and activity in your website will see it and many of its pages for the products and services you offer to appear in the top positions of search engine listings.

Ultimately, you may find your franchise in the #1 spot and thus generating some significant traffic. Tom Johnston can make this a reality for any website; however, his forte or preference is franchise businesses scattered across the country.

Tom Johnston’s Franchise SEO Strategy

Well, you may say there is no substantial difference between standard SEO and franchise SEO. The difference is in the complexities of both. For instance, a franchise with a foothold in all 50 states and every major city in every state, will need hundreds of pages of content.

That many pages of content will need hundreds of backlinks, and this will be an extensive backlinking campaign with automated elements that will help build Web 2.0 properties across the internet and establish a robust social media presence. It is not a simple endeavor; it is demanding and time-consuming. However, Tom Johnston has a good number of years to his trade; doing this for some of the largest franchises in the country and helping them attain better rankings at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). His strategy ensures that every page specifically targets a city’s name, ZIP code, and the county within which the business operates.

Such detailed optimization will be done for each town or city that the business services so as to outclass all competitors. Some cities will not be hard to push up to a better ranking more so those in small towns or cities that have the least keyword phrases and particularly those of a low competitive nature. But, the pages will eventually start to register better rankings and thus will have a significant online presence. If not managed with proper optimization, the company’s pages and the website has a whole will have only have an avoidable notoriety.

Under proper optimization, the substantial inflow of traffic will also aid in growing the business’ brand help the franchise to grow rapidly. Every search engine optimization strategy should be implemented accordingly to mimic an organic content generation and posting as well as link building. Tom knows what is needed and how the desired results and goals can be met and maximized.

How Can You Start Working With Tom Johnston?

Tom Johnston has a toll-free number that you can call to consult with him. Alternatively, you can send him your name and email address with a description of what you would like him to do for you or your franchise. He may opt to talk with you on phone, Skype, or schedule a meeting so that he can better understand what you need and what he can do for you. He has a long list of former and current clients who praise is work and services. You can as well be one more happy client in his portfolio.

Call him today and set a favorable time you can discuss how he can help your business have a good online footing. After the call, Tom will start working on a suitable package unique to your website’s needs that will help it reach the top of search engine listings. His will be a package that is a combination of human interaction campaigns coupled with On-page and Off-page strategies that will move every page and the website as a whole to the top of the listings.

Place the growth and success of your franchise business in the hands of an expert; Tom Johnston will take your business to greater heights no matter how big of all of a franchise business it may be; this is his forte.

Tom Johnston
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