If you have a business franchise, or or even a regular business, you can always benefit from search engine optimization. Once you are able to reach the top of the search listings, taking advantage of the free traffic that you will receive, you will be able to start generating more for your company. The problem that most people have is they are not able to do this on their own. They may try to properly optimize their website, or get backlinks from different websites, but their efforts might be in vain. They need to have a very specific plan of action, and the means to do proper SEO, and that’s why you need to work with a professional that can help you achieve top rankings. A search engine optimization expert by the name of Tom Johnston has been providing SEO services for many years. He specializes in working with franchise businesses. Here is a basic overview of the different types of services that he provides, and why you should consider working with him to get your franchise website to the top of the search listings.

What Will You Find On His Website?

When you arrive at his website, you are going to see an overview of the different services that he provides. There is a quick video that you can watch where he will detail the type of services that he offers, explaining the basics of search engine optimization. There is also a section dedicated to franchise SEO which is how he is able to help franchise businesses take their websites to much higher positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are also testimonials that you can read from happy clients that he has served in the past, attesting to how he was able to help them generate more traffic from higher search engine listings.

What Is Discussed On The First Video?

In his introductory video, you are going to learn about the type of services that he will provide. He begins by talking about the importance of keyword research and choosing the best keywords to rank for. The keyword phrases that you target must be used by people that are actually interested in the products that you are selling. He also goes into the three steps of search engine optimization that he targets which is why he is so successful.

Step #1 – On Page Optimization

The first step when using SEO strategies is to properly optimize your website. This is going to take into account many different things. For example, the quality of the content that you are posting, as well as the images and videos that you have on that website, are going to contribute to how high it is able to rank in the search engines. Additionally, you will want to interlink all of the similar pages that are on your website, making it very easy to not only navigate, but for the search engine spiders to find and index your information. He then moves on to the second step of his three primary SEO strategies which is called off-page optimization.

Step #2 – Off Page Optimization

This is also known as building backlinks, or also link building. You need to place hyperlinks on different Web 2.0 properties across the Internet that are pointing back to your main website. He teaches that having random backlinks is not the key but specific back links that originate from authority websites, preferably those that are in the same niche as your website. From the perspective of the search engines, and also visitors on those websites, it should make sense that they are actually linking to your website because of the content. He provides an analogy involving a homeless person, the president of the United States, and the billionaire Warren Buffett. The homeless person would be someone that would not have a great deal of information on how you would invest your money. The president of the United States would be a much better choice, but his primary focus is not on finances. Warren Buffett, on the other hand, is an expert in this industry and any information from him should be highly regarded if your goal is to get the best financial information. Equating this to link building, there are simply links that are much better to have, specifically those that come from websites that are very similar to your own. Therefore, when someone arrives at this website where they see a link to your website, when they click through, they will likely stay. This will decrease your bounce rate, and from the perspective of the search engine algorithms, it makes sense that that link is there. Therefore, your goal is to get as many links as you can from websites that are niche similar. Finally, he moves on to the third part of his SEO strategies which is human interaction.

Step #3 – Human Interaction

Tom Johnston, when talking about human interaction, is primarily referencing links that are going to be on social media pages. For example, when people share links with friends and family members that are following them, and a search engine such as Google takes notice, this is an indication to the search engine that the content at the other end of that link is actually worth indexing. The more links that you have on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others can only help boost your position on the search engines because people are sharing links. It is this human interaction that he is referencing that can be a crucial part of whether or not you are able to reach number one positions on the search engine listings. The other aspect to human interaction is the number of links that you have which can be found on the social media sites. In this way, it is similar to regular link building. The more that something is being talked about, the more likely it is that it is quality information that deserves to be ranked in a higher position.

What Services Does Tom Johnston Offer?

Once the introduction is over, Tom Johnston goes into the type of services that he currently offers. Specifically, he does SEO for franchise businesses. The example that he gives in another video is a security company, one that he is building pages for in order to improve their overall rankings. There could be any number of franchise businesses that he would work with. These particular companies are often found nationally. As a result of this, when he does his on-site optimization, he is going to build pages for not only local keywords related to the primary city that the business is located, but all of the other cities that are currently serviced by this company. He takes this a step further and states that he will build individual pages for not just the city, but for ZIP code and county. By doing so, he makes it easier for these businesses to achieve multiple positions on the search engines by having numerous pages that are targeting all of the cities that they service in several different ways.

How To Outrank Their Competitors

The key to outranking your competitors is to work with a search engine optimization specialist that is able to do both on page and off page optimization at a higher level. Though you may have multiple competitors in your city, it is possible to get more backlinks than them, and more importantly, higher quality backlinks that originate from niche specific websites. The links must come in at a gradual basis, and at the same time, new content needs to be added on the website in the form of new pages and posts. It is also important to continue to post on social media sites, showing that there is human activity that is going to help your websites rank even higher. There are two things that will happen once you have improved your content, and you have also started generating multiple social media backlinks on websites like Facebook and Twitter. First of all, quality content is going to motivate people to spend more time looking through your website after they have found it on the Internet. This will lower your bounce rate significantly, and the longer that they spend on your website, this also helps with your ranking. Second, as you get more people looking at your website on social media platforms, and they begin to share those links with people that are following them, this will also help create a positive momentum for your website and all of the pages that you have posted. You may soon find that many of your pages for your products are showing up above the fold in the search engine listings. You may also find yourself getting to number one positions where you can generate a substantial amount of traffic. Tom Johnston is able to do this for virtually any website, but his specialty is working with franchises that are situated all over the nation in different cities and states.

Tom Johnston And Franchise SEO

There is really nothing different between franchise SEO and traditional search engine optimization. The main difference is that it can be much more complex. For example, if you have a franchise that is in all 50 states, and multiple major cities in those states, this can require several hundred pages of content. Additionally, this will also require a multitude of backlinking campaigns that are happening automatically, building your Web 2.0 property and social media presence. This can become very time-consuming, but fortunately Tom Johnston has been doing this for so long that he is able to take on even the largest clients and help them rank many of their pages at the top of the search engine listings. These pages must specifically target the name of the city, state, ZIP Code, and county in which the business is currently operating. All of this must be done for each city and town that the franchises operating in if they are to start out classing their competitors. Some of them will be very easy to rank for such as small cities or towns that likely do not have highly competitive keyword phrases that must be targeted. However, as these pages begin to rank, they will become ubiquitous, adding to the notoriety of the company as the website becomes more well-known. This can help with branding, and also delivering additional traffic, helping a franchise business grow exponentially fast. These strategies must be implemented the right way to mimic natural link building and content posting, and Tom Johnston will know exactly how to do this to achieve maximum results.

How Can You Start Working With Tom Johnston?

You can either call his toll-free number to speak with them, or you can send your name, email, and what you would like to do for your business. He can set up a meeting with you, talking with you over Skype or by telephone, helping to understand what it is that you would like him to do for your business. He has had many clients in the past, providing outstanding results, and you can also achieve similar results with your business. You can call him today to set a time where you can talk about what he can do for your business. Once the phone call is over, he will start to work on a package that is designed to help you get your website to the top of the search engines. It will be a combination of on page, off page, and human interaction campaigns that will help you start moving up in the search engine listings. It does not matter how large or small your business is, and if you do have a franchise business, this is his area of speciality. Give Tom Johnston a call today, or send him an email, to find out how he will be able rank your website on the search engines so that you can generate more sales this year.

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