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Buy Real Youtube Views

Where To Purchase YouTube Views And What To Be Aware Of From Promotions

Before we talk about where to buy YouTube views, it’s important to understand why anyone would want to do such a thing. The truth is that many people think that all of the most popular channels on YouTube built their audiences organically by producing great video content and waiting for people to find it and share it. In reality many of the top ranking YouTubers spent thousands of dollars promoting their channels and in most cases prompting a channel includes buying views.

So, if you want any chance of competing on YouTube in 2018, you will almost certainly have to buy some views, likes, and shares to get your channel started. Once you have built a subscriber base, paid promotion becomes less important and you can focus on creating content and engaging with your viewers.

So where to buy YouTube views? There are many different companies online selling views, but choosing the right one can be tough. Often it comes down to your marketing budget and the delivery timescale you require. It is no good hiring services from an online marketing firm that provide high-quality viewers if they are going to take 18 months to deliver all of the views you purchase.

If you have a relatively small budget, many people would recommend checking out sites like upwork, fiver BHW marketplace and the Warrior forums to find independent contractors providing affordable YouTube views. However, you need to proceed with caution when purchasing any services from independent contractors, as there are lots of scammers in the online marketplace.

If you buy low-quality views, there is a chance that your YouTube channel could be suspended or permanently demonetized. Low-quality views include those coming from proxy servers or IP addresses from countries outside of your target audience. What’s more, if YouTube suspects you are buying “fake” views to cheat their ranking algorithms, you could find your YouTube channel permanently penalized in search results.

Consequently, the importance of buying high-quality views is paramount. This means ideally you need to make your purchase from a professional marketing company who can guarantee they provide views from real people using authentic internet-connected devices. Check out reviews from previous clients before handing over any money.

Keep in mind that you might also need to buy likes, shares, and comments in addition to views if you want to improve your channel’s visibility on YouTube. Fortunately, the best online marketing services providers offer YouTube packages that include likes, shares, comments, and views.

Paying for Youtube Views Has Never Been Eeasier or Cheaper

A video that has thousands of views but no ratings or comments is going to look suspicious to those who find it through organic means. Once you enable comments on your YouTube channel, however, it’s important to moderate them for spam and abuse. For better or worse, what is published in the comment section under a video does have some impact on the professional reputation of the channel creator. If you don’t have time to moderate comments, you can outsource the task to an independent contractor for a small fee.

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