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Buy 1000 Youtube Views

Building A YouTube Channel In 2018: Buying Views

Building a channel from scratch on YouTube in 2018 can be a difficult task. There is an enormous amount of competition and many channels are partnered with big networks that undertake promotional work of their behalf. Even if you are the best video content creator in the world, it will still be hard to build an audience to a new channel organically. Buying views is nothing to be ashamed of and it is a great way to kick start your YouTube career.

When it comes to finding places to buy YouTube views, almost any reputable online marketing company will offer such a service. You just need to take the time to compare quotes from different companies, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to on a promotional campaign. You also need to ensure that any company you work with is offering deliverable, trackable results in a reasonable time frame.

If you choose to buy YouTube views from an independent contractor, it’s important to research their reputation thoroughly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers around and you don’t want to risk losing your YouTube channel because a rogue contractor has used a spam bot and proxy server to send fake views to your videos. Always check out reviews and ratings from previous clients if possible.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase views specifically to increase traffic to YouTube videos. Instead, you could pay for some paid ads on social media networks or Google to promote your channel. Often this type of advertising is more effective at bringing long-term repeat viewers to your channel.

Furthermore, when it comes to buying views for your videos, don’t assume that bigger is always better. You can often see the same long-term results from 2,500 views as you would from 100,000 views. After all, viewers that are paid for are unlikely to be genuinely interested in your videos, you are paying for the views to attract more organic views from the traffic stats. If your channel only has a few hundred subscribers, blasting a video with a quarter of a million paid for views is probably not a good idea.

Don’t forget about likes, comments, and shares. Many people wrongly believe that paying for views for their videos will be enough to increase their visibility and reach on YouTube. This is not the case. You also need to have a lot of likes, comments, and shares on your views to increase your audience engagement factor, which plays a big role in Google’s ranking algorithms.

From a viewer’s point of view, you also need to think about what a video looks like when it has tens of thousands of views but few ratings and zero comments. Today’s internet users are savvy and they know when channels are using bots to generate fake viewing stats. Unfortunately, managing a YouTube comments section can be tough and buying comments is going to cost a lot more than views, but the investment is crucial if you want to build your channel.

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